My Jeep Cherokee XJ on the Beach.

Welcome! is a website dedicated to my love of Jeep vehicles and my experience in Jeep repair and maintenance. I currently own a Jeep Cherokee XJ, a Jeep Wrangler TJ, and two Jeep Grand Cherokee ZJ’s (Learn about my Jeep fleet.) Driving them and keeping them on the road is what this website will explore.

Topics to be covered on will include:

  • Specific “How to” articles to repair and maintain your Jeep
  • General Jeep repair and maintenance
  • Tips, tricks, and techniques for Jeep owners
  • Assorted recommendations for Jeeps and other vehicles

About Me

My name is George and I am not a professional mechanic. However, I am highly capable around Jeeps, in particular the older Jeeps with the 4.0 liter in-line six cylinder engine. I have more than 10 years of experience working on my own vehicles, including the Jeeps. I started with the simple things and gradually moved on to the more complex tasks and jobs. Learn about the repairs I have done here.

I am a finance and marketing professional, a so called “white collar worker.” However, I don’t mind rolling up my sleeves and getting my hands dirty to perform repairs and maintenance on them. I do the work on my Jeeps for three reasons:

  • Cost savings
  • Confidence in the work done
  • Sense of pride and personal satisfaction

Cost Savings

I am by my nature a very frugal person– I like the cost savings of doing my own work on my Jeeps. I certainly don’t like paying more than I have to pay and that includes on the repairs and maintenance of my Jeeps. Learn more about Jeep tools and parts here.

Professional mechanics charge large hourly rates and big markups on parts. I once paid $39 for an air filter I later replaced myself for $11 or so. I can do 80% of the repair jobs in an afternoon at a fraction of the cost for parts as compared to a professional mechanic.

Confidence in the Work Done

I like the confidence in the work that was done by myself on my Jeeps. I have had experienced professional mechanics making potentially expensive and dangerous mistakes. They are humans under pressure to get onto the next job. I have had one professional mechanic forget to replace the oil fill cap which blew motor oil all over the engine, another mechanic left a wrench in the engine, and yet another mechanic forgot to reconnect the secondary fan which caused near overheating of the vehicle.

When I do the job, I take the time to do the job right and with the care of an owner.

Sense of Pride

Finally, I simply like the sense of pride and personal satisfaction I feel after completing a repair job on my Jeeps. I also like the added knowledge and general know how I develop on the Jeep I’m working on. The only way to get that feeling is to do the job yourself with regular Jeep repair and maintenance. And of course, I just love owning and driving these Jeeps.

Where to find online?

Other social media accounts to be added soon– check back!